So there’s this racism thing people are discussing…

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Founders Voice

Yes, the title was snarky. Far be it from me to be too serious about anything. I think people appreciate a little sarcasm-dipped humor from time to time. My favorite response to offensive material, when pointed out by a POC is…”Well I’m not racist.” In most cases, that is probably the case.

Now before you blow a gasket stop and think about this. People of color are constantly exposed to racist lined comments and materials. Constantly. It’s the whole colonial mindset thing, that POC, including Native Americans, are forced to endure. From appropriations of symbols for particular tribes, to the nasty mascot issues, to fake shaman and tribes started by someone who may or may not have had a great-great-great-great Grandmother who was Cherokee.

What started me thinking about this whole topic is this…

The man who painted this picture of the children claims it was done in complete…

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Deadly Consequences

Voice for Recovery, and Addiction


I blog about living with alcoholism and addiction, but you don’t have to be an alcoholic to be effected by alcohol or drugs to be horribly affected. Exactly one year ago today that fact hit me like a bolt of lightning in a rain storm and I lost a part of my heart. A year ago today (July 3, 2014) Margarita Santiago and two of her cousins lost their young lives in a horrific car accident. Margarita was 32 years old leaving behind her twin sister, her mother and a 15 year old son. She was like a daughter to me.


AJTruck Pieces

The driver of the vehicle was under the influence and lost control of the truck. The truck hit a guard rail, became airborne, hit the ground and slid 152 feet before hitting a tree. Everyone in the car lost their lives. The picture above is from the actual accident.

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I Cried Today

Voice of Survival of Traumatic Events

h1.7I have been very upbeat and positive in my blogs lately, but I am human. I have good days; I have great days, and I have days where I let my environment and surroundings take control. I know better than this. I can choose to be happy. I can choose my emotions, but sometimes a look or words, from someone who doesn’t even matter in my life or in your life… well, it can affect us.

I cried today.

I cried because I allowed a man’s words in a grocery store to hurt me. I allowed his callous and unkind behavior to affect my mood, my day, and my outlook on myself.

How? Why? Why would any of this matter?

Let me explain what happened.  I went to the gym. I was wearing a brown Flynnville Train T-shirt.  ( A band t-shirt) and a pair of black kind of baggy…

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Voice for Recovery, and Addiction


Of course dealing with the demons of your actual addiction is something that must be done when you’re trying to get sober. We not only have to put it down, but we have to fight keeping it down. In order to “keep” from picking back up, we have to face and fight the many other demons that we carry deep within us. The demons that got us sick to begin with.

Few alcoholics will readily admit that they have inner demons. We insist there’s nothing bothering us, there’s nothing we can’t handle or get through. We try to convince everyone around us that we’re made of steel when on the inside we’re the opposite. We see showing emotions as a sign of weakness, therefore we don’t do it (unless it’s anger of course) We let the outside world see only what “WE” want them to see. In the mean time…

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You wanna know why I’m mad?

Married While Black

I’m mad because in my belly I’m growing a son who will be seen as a black man and every day I hear how savage, criminal, and scary black men are seen to be in this society.

I’m mad because some people would rather discuss rioting and not how a black life is taken by the police every 28 hours.

I’m mad because #alllivesmatter exists. ALL lives (except those of people of color) have ALWAYS mattered. The conversation is about black lives right now – go have a damn seat if you aren’t equipped to have THAT discussion.

I’m mad because the national media outlets are too corrupt to actually report news and would rather sensationalize instead of provide accurate information.

I’m mad because it seems like most people don’t know how to diversify or question their media outlets.

I’m mad because everyone with a damn computer and a Facebook…

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What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!?

The Woman's Voice of Grief and Loss

So last week my daughter went to see this band perform. Nothing unusual about that…. she love music. This band’s singer was previously in another band that she and her boyfriend knew personally and saw perform often. She became friends with the band members and followed them on Facebook, twitter..etc.  So the singer of the of this original band joined a new group. They went to this new band’s show last Friday night to support her (the lead singer). On Monday morning this happened…

To say my daughter felt devastated would be an understatment. She had even just changed her FB profile pic to one of her and the lead singer Lariyah Hayes. She had just met some of these people and less than 72 hours  later this tragic accident happened and three of these people are dead. I had no idea how to help her with the…

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Russian Roulette

Voice for Recovery, and Addiction

Voice of Recovery from Addiction

There’s this HUGE misconception that if you’re an addict, you can drink, and if you’re an alcoholic, you can smoke a blunt, take a pill, do a line or whatever. You’d be surprised how many times I hear, “My problem is pills, not alcohol so I can go out and have a few with my friends…..” Lookie here, let me break it down for you and give you some an extreme realness…..

If you’re an addict, you are an alcoholic in training and vice versa. This misconception can be deadly to your health. Here is what happens…..

When you suffer from any kind of addiction and you do ANY KIND of MOOD ALTERING SUBSTANCE, yes, it’ll give you a buz, but it won’t be the buz you’re really looking for. Sooner or later you will go back to your drug of choice. Or you’ll be entering the wonderfully painful…

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A Little Known Aspect of American Indian Life

New blog by our Voice of Native Women!

Voice of Native Women


PHOTO: Pawnee Nasharo Council (Chiefs Council). Photographer/Date unknown. Author’s grandfather, back row, far left.

March 12, 2015

Most people know about American Indian tribes through books, movies and plays. Children learned about Indian tribes, mainly in the month of November, right before Thanksgiving, saving the pilgrims who came across the ocean in search of religious freedom. Some people know about Indian tribes through their travels across the country, stopping in or near towns and reservations where Indians live, at tourist spots that offer one a chance to take a photo with an Indian, of Indians dancing, next to wooden tipis, or of the scenery. They buy trinkets, such as pottery or jewelry, drums and Indian dolls in buckskin clothes (oftentimes made in China) from Indian vendors and trading posts. Stereotypical images of Indians may come to mind of an Indian on a horse, bent over the horse, in defeated posturing…

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