We Are 1 Voice

This blog was created to embrace all people. All walks of life. We are currently seeking contributors to this blog. The stipulations are…

Must be from the group you are blogging ABOUT…

This gives readers an inside look on the race, culture, activity, disability, or orientation you identify as. It also promotes education of said classification through a first person point of view.

No serious profanity…

We’d like this blog to be open to all ages. I find people are very open to information when they feel they can access it in any situation. We are very eager to have young people involved in this blog as well. Young people raised in an open minded, non threatening environment creates a positive outlet and uplifting experience.


It is so easy to get caught up in negative outlooks. We’re all guilty of it. I feel when you approach something in a positive mindset it encourages others to do the same.

Educational content…

It is a must to include education in this blog. we are striving to eradicate stereotyping and negativity by people who do not know people, or issues from said groups. Through education and love we can open peoples’ minds to new things in a non threatening manner.

Have fun with it…

I know it seems like we are laying down the heavy rules for this blog but in all honesty we just want people to inspire others to be thoughtful, open minded. We ask for no bigotry, racism, hate speech, condemnation or any other negativity towards ANY ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE. Everyone should feel good about reading what is written.

So that’s it. I get angry. I get my feelings hurt. I do a lot of speaking up and speaking out on topics. This is set up to give people the information they may seek on different things without feeling bad about asking for it. You never know who you can reach with your words. That is why it is so important to have this site.

Thanks so much and please contact us at admin@weare1voice.org if you are interested in contributing 🙂

If you are interested in sponsoring this blog or our website to help keep everything up and running you may contact us as well for that.


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