Grandma’s Moccasins Come Home

Lakota Voice

May 14, 2014

by Ann-erika White Bird

Six items were returned to the *Heyata Wicasa, three moccasins, a doll moccasin, a buffalo horn spoon and a buffalo effigy. The Peoples’ belongings will be housed in Sinte Gleska University’s museum and are dated by the donor to be approximately 140 years old, originally made around the time of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Artist and sculptor, Steven Harrison, resident of Sante Fe, New Mexico, stopped into Todd Bordeaux’s Santa Fe Gallery, Lone Dog Noise Cat. He wanted to know if Mr. Bordeaux could return the Peoples’ belongings to them.

Mr. Bordeaux described the moccasins as being made of smoked, brain tanned hides, utilizing mainly microbeads; one has rabbit fur. One moccasin appears Menomonie, one is Dakota, and one looks to be Cheyenne. The moccasin soles are old repurposed buffalo hide sole moccasins, which have a painted parfleche interior. The…

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