Why we are doing what we do.

We are 1 Voice

You may have staggered across this blog series and said…”What. The. Heck?” AND that’s fine. My only hope is you further explore the “What the heck” comment invoked by this blog. You have seen people posting on all these different  topics and scratched your head. So here is why we do what we do…


I lost a very dear friend in February of this year. She had a massive heart attack at a domestic violence fundraiser I was hosting and had organized. Her name was Ashley Monroe. The world lost a hero in the wee hours of February 9th. My world will never be the same. I can’t even begin to explain to you the kind of person she was. It would take way too much time and break my heart all over again. Let’s sum it up and say if she were a star in the sky she’d…

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Cultural Identity

Voice of Native Women

Image Photo credit – Gathering of Nations

I’ve been thinking of cultural identity lately. It’s one of five topics I’ve chosen to consider researching for grad school. Have been doing a lot of research and reading lately about how we become who we are “culturally”. I guess it’s been on my mind with the recent “cultural appropriation” or “cultural misappropriation” of those celebrities (Pharrell Williams) and wannabe celebrities (OK Governor’s daughter) who were photographed wearing eagle warbonnets or headdresses. I appreciate you for reading this and commenting, and for respecting my request to NOT duplicate or SHARE this. This is a DRAFT of ideas for my upcoming research. Some of the ideas have been part of previous research papers that I’ve turned in for credit. I realize the topic is nothing new under the sun, but my ideas and words here are. I’ve done reading and my unique writing here…

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Breaking old habits

Voice of Self Acceptance

It seems as though when a person starts a new job, or moves to a new area the need for being accepted comes out really strong.  I am writing this because over the last few weeks I have been throwing around those feelings.  So, this leads to some bad thinking at times…  In saying this, I am finding myself breaking old habits yet again in my life…

I know my worth, as you who are reading know your worth…  There is no need to go (to that childlike thinking) back and let someone else decide our worth for us…   We know what we have to offer the world… I personally know that I carry around a lot of this greatness I call myself…  It does not come in this little petite package, it does not look like what others look like…  I am Deb, I feel I am made for…

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It all turns to custard

Mold Breaker Mommy's Voice

As this is my first blog I had better start by introducing myself.

Hi…..I’m Danielle (or Danni for short). I am a mum of three gorgeous boys and we live in New Zealand.

My middle son, Dylan, is generally rocket powered – will make a fabulous stunt man one day! He is on the go all the time and is very, very sporty. He’s the sort of kid that does well in any sport he chooses and he has chosen gymnastics. He has been a competitive gymnast since he was 6 years old and is very good at it. His dream is to one day represent New Zealand at the Olympics. Before everything turned to custard, he was training 8 hours a week and representing our district – and loving every minute of it.

The custard – Christmas Holidays 2013 (in NZ this is our version of summer vacation) –…

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Do You Listen With Your Head? Heart? or Soul?

Voice of Survival of Traumatic Events

I find myself sometimes trapped in my thoughts, my insecurities, my fears, and yes even my dreams. It’s easy to get lost in thought. This week I discovered that we don’t always think with our heads or our hearts. This week I discovered, I sometimes think with my soul. I get that it sounds crazy, but let me explain.


I belong to an advocacy group called Don’t Be Silent on Facebook. An article was posted by a member about Bob Jones University and its dealings with rape victims. You can read the article in its entirety here. This article cut me to my core. How could I let words affect and hurt me the way these words did? It was just an article. Right?

I spent years believing what I went through, what happened to me was my fault, and I punished myself. I cut myself, I attempted suicide…

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