5000 Signatures Calling on Pope to ask Anti-Gay Ugandan Bishop to Resign

I think this Pope will actually consider this. He is a Humanitarian like no other and has called many Catholic believers to the carpet on Human Rights issues. Please take time to read and sign if you would.


By Melanie Nathan, June 17, 2014.
Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 1.33.36 PM
After Easter we broke a story here on OBLOGDEE calling out the Ugandan Catholic Bishop for anti-homosexuality remarks he made and his prior support of “The Kill the Gays Bill” which has now been enacted, to exclude the death penalty, but to include life in prison for gays. Now a petition, in Italian, has acquired over 5,000 signatures urging the Pope to take action against the Bishop.
The Petition, translated from Italian reads:
During Easter, the bishop Bishop Rt. Rev. Fr. Charles Wamika,urged ‘thefaithful’withthese words:Give your gay childrento the authorities andyour gesturewill be rewardedin Heaven.” Not satisfied, referring to the historyof the Catholic Church, the bishop also pointed out thatoftenthe forcewas usedandbloodwas shedin order to“cleansethe earth.”
The Petition went on…

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