Ye Old Grammarian (No 5): More Pesky Punctuation

Here are some great tips for our bloggers. I found this blog to be very informative, a great tool in helping with your journey into the blogosphere. (I’m reblogging it so I can study it mostly)

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I’ve been doing some copyediting lately, and that means I have punctuation on the brain.  So allow me to disemburden (is that a word?) myself.

       First let me list links to my earlier Olde Grammarian posts, in case any of you are eager to suffer more agony:

Ye Olde Grammarian [No.1]: I discuss the value of diagramming sentences and also dangling participial and prepositional phrases.

Ye Olde Grammarian (No.2):  I discuss that common bugaboo, the incorrect use of pronoun cases. Grrr! One of my pet peeves!

Ye Olde Grammarian (No. 3): Pesky Punctuation Problems: I discussed the placement of periods, commas, etc., in relation to quotation marks and parentheses.

Ye Olde Grammarian is Ba-a-ck (No.4): a humorous post where I ended up on the subject of the Oxford comma.

Ye old Grammarian (No 5): More Pesky Punctuation.

       Allow me to first review the…

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