Cultural Identity

Voice of Native Women

Image Photo credit – Gathering of Nations

I’ve been thinking of cultural identity lately. It’s one of five topics I’ve chosen to consider researching for grad school. Have been doing a lot of research and reading lately about how we become who we are “culturally”. I guess it’s been on my mind with the recent “cultural appropriation” or “cultural misappropriation” of those celebrities (Pharrell Williams) and wannabe celebrities (OK Governor’s daughter) who were photographed wearing eagle warbonnets or headdresses. I appreciate you for reading this and commenting, and for respecting my request to NOT duplicate or SHARE this. This is a DRAFT of ideas for my upcoming research. Some of the ideas have been part of previous research papers that I’ve turned in for credit. I realize the topic is nothing new under the sun, but my ideas and words here are. I’ve done reading and my unique writing here…

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