My Self-Imposed Prison

Simply Ramazing


 I’ve read this at many points in my life, but it never had the meaning it did after coming out of the self-imposed prison I’d put myself in being the victim of  emotional, and mental abuse. So I posted it first, READ it first. FEEL it first. I know why you are here. I was where you were.

When I scoured the internet for information I had one goal in mind. FIX IT.

I would get so upset when blog after blog would claim that there was no way to FIX IT.

Did anyone understand that people were not disposable???

A mother knows how to love selflessly with little in return. I had identified her disorder.

I was skilled at loving my children, 

Children are emotionally immature creatures, that demanded endless time, patience, and understanding.

Essentially that is what my abuser was an emotionally stunted child, a three-year old…

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