Inter Religious Council of Uganda Admits on Court Record to key influence of the Anti-Homosexuality Act

My Lord. What a mess. So much for “Love Thy Neighbor” and all that crap,


A Wake up call to funders and others such as The Catholic Church which supports this organization through memberships, grants or donations.

By Melanie Nathan, July 31, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 8.25.39 AMThe Christian group, Inter-Religious Council of Uganda has admitted on the record to its direct participation in the Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) of Uganda, by asking to be joined in a legal action to protect the AHA from a ruling of unconstitutionality. Below is a copy of the application. The Christian groups are trying a last ditch effort to thwart a possible court ruling that the Anti-gay Bill is unconstitutional, which may be made as early as tomorrow. This could delay the ruling.

The group together with other anti-gay groups of Uganda have asked to be joined as Respondents to defend the action that is seeking to rule the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act as unconstitutional.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 8.12.33 AM

The Constitutional Court is tomorrow (Friday) expected to deliver…

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Indian Sisters

New blog up by our Native Women Voice!

Voice of Native Women



After seeing a photo of my “Indian sisters” a few days back, I began thinking of family and friends and what we go through in our life with them, and in some cases, without them.

 But particularly, I was thinking of Indian sisters, These are girls outside your family, not your blood relatives, but who have become close to you throughout your lives. Some are your cousins, children of your mother’s and father’s siblings. Some are children of your parent’s friends. Some are friends, or friends of friends, who become close to you.

Theda, Irene & Oveta

I have a half-sister, a step-sister (deceased), but have a gazillion Indian sisters. Well, not really a gazillion, but I have a few that I count as sisters. I’ve known them a long time. Some of them, well, we’ve been through thick and thin, good and bad, powwows and 49s, snags and husbands, children and…

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REBLOG of blog posted by Ashley Love on Wendy Williams

Please take a moment to read this blog written by Ashley Love. Wendy Williams has been appointed by GLAAD as an “Anti-Bullying Ambassador” . She has a long history of abuse not only towards the Transgender community but African American women as well. Ms. Love will be following this and we will bring you updates.

Denial & Excuses go hand in hand

Voice for Recovery, and Addiction

Voice of Recovery from Addiction

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

I can’t be addicted to alcohol, they wouldn’t sell it in the stores if it was addictive

I don’t drink every day so I can’t be an alcoholic

I don’t drink as soon as I get up in the morning or get the shakes when I don’t have it.

I still have my job, my home, my kids and my spouse so I’m not hurting anyone.

I only drink at the clubs, I never drink at home alone

You’re just exaggerating, I wasn’t THAT bad last night

Oh, I just had a little more than normal and that’s why I blacked out, it doesn’t happen often

I was stressed out and needed a drink and it just got out of hand

The cop was just an ass hole & arrested me for nothing, I only had a few drinks & wasn’t drunk.

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Why I do What I do

Voice for Recovery, and Addiction

Voice of Recovery from Addiction

Why I do what I do…..

I wake up every morning and thank God that I’m alive and sober….seriously, I REALLY do. At some point every day, I sit in front of my computer, hands on the keyboard and wonder how I can make it clear to people how very dangerous this disease is. I see sooooo many “youngins” these days who are living dangerously with the alcohol and the drugs.  I see with my own eyes, what other’s saw in me during my addiction. I see them walking down that path and I just want to shake the hell out of them!  I know full well that I can’t, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

Not everyone who drinks and parties heavy IS an alcoholic, but they “could” be in time.  Unless you know the signs. Ya know, when you live in a fog for decades…

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Remembering My Last Drunk

Voice for Recovery, and Addiction

Voice of Recovery from Addiction

REFLECTION ( July 17, 2014 ):

Four years ago today, I went through a life changing experience. I got completely, black out shit faced. Although I can not remember the exact details, I do know that I made a complete ass out of myself not only as a person, but as an entertainer. The last thing that I do remember clearly is someone handing me a shot. I was desperate to prove to everyone that I didn’t have a problem and I fought with myself to put it down……I lost that fight in epic proportions.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, it would be my last time alcohol would touch my lips.(God willing) I was standing on the edge of the cliff about to take the plunge when a friend saved my life by throwing me a proverbial life line., She raised my bottom by video taping my actions and…

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My Story

Voice of Adult ADHD

I am currently 31. I was diagnosed when I was probably 10 or 11. My mom didn’t realize there was a problem. I was her first son and she chalked it up to boys will be boys. Although, in middle school it was harder to ignore the problem. It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart it was that I was too smart! I’d finish work or tests and afterwards be very bored and unable to sit still or not talk. I’d fidget and get very uneasy . Other times, I’d have way to many ideas and felt the i to express my self (maybe at the wrong times.) Also at the time my grand mother was sick (lung cancer) and I spent 5 days a week with her in a retirement community. I was a little overwhelmed. At the behest of my teachers, I was taken to a psychiatrist and eventually…

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What are you afraid of?

Voice for Recovery, and Addiction

Voice of Recovery from Addiction

What are you afraid of?

Fear is an alcoholic and addicts BIGGEST downfall.  Fear of rejection, fear of facing reality, fear of letting people see our inner selves, fear of change….the list can go on and on. Truth is, we have nothing to fear, but fear itself. Our disease is fully aware of this fact which is why it keeps us there. Although it’s impossible for us to see it while in the mist of our addiction, we’re actually full of fear. Our disease disguises fear with false pride, egotism, false strength. It convinces us that we are invincible. The bottle or the drug becomes our strength, our hope, our everything. As long as we had it, we could conquer anything. All the while, it was sinking us lower and lower. We don’t like change…in reality, we’re terrified of it but we won’t admit it. Our disease doesn’t like change…

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I sleep around…and I openly admit it

Voice of Autism Parenting

autism sleep

Yeah, that’s right, I’m the kind of gal that sleeps around. Every single night I jump from one bed to the next, laying down with multiple bed mates. In fact, I admit I am total sleep whore…I’m just severely underpaid. I’ll bet I couldn’t even tabulate the number of bed jumps or games of “musical beds” I play in my house every night…and day for that matter, because there is seldom any difference between the two in my house. Aside from my general psychosis, there is a reasonable explanation for why this happens: their names are Cameron and Harry. Yup, the reason I indulge in this particular “lifestyle” is that there are 2 autistic children living in our house, both on completely different sleep schedules. I start out in one bed, and end up in possibly 3, maybe even 4 different beds before it’s said and done….whether it’s a meltdown…

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San Francisco Giants considering ban on culturally insensitive attire

For The Win

AP Photo/Don Boomer AP Photo/Don Boomer

The San Francisco Giants are considering a policy that could prohibit fans from wearing items such as fake headdresses in what American Indian activist Suzan Shown Harjo believes would be a first for a major-league sports franchise.

The proposed policy, which is still in the working stages, could potentially say that fans who wear culturally insensitive attire to games or use culturally insensitive language could be asked to stop by Giants security or potentially be asked to leave the stadium.

Staci Slaughter, Giants senior vice president, communications, and senior advisor to the CEO, said the Giants have policies about obscene language and offensive signs.

“We are considering expanding the policy to be more explicit about culturally insensitive signs and articles of clothing,” she told USA TODAY Sports
“I don’t want to overstate where we are,” she added. “We haven’t finalized the language. We are still in the…

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