One person can make a difference and everyone should try.

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Voice for Youth Advocacy

Every day in this country, 1,900 children become victims of abuse or neglect, and four of them will die. Every day. Each year, more than 600,000 children experience foster care in this country and over 20,000 of these children will “age out” of the child welfare system with no place to go on their 18th birthday. These are the statistics. However, these “statistics” are real life people…or better yet…children. They enter the foster care system, through no fault of their own, and may remain with their lives in limbo for years. Can you imagine being ripped away from your family and friends with no advance warning? You’re not able to pack your favorite things or to even say goodbye. You travel from foster home to foster home, carrying all your worldly belonging in a trash bag. Switching schools and friends..over and over. Sounds unimaginable, right?

This is how children in…

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