Latest UPDATE on the San Francisco Giants Native American Heritage Night assault.

Clarification of the S.F. Giants’

Position Regarding Respect for Native Peoples & Their Continuing Struggle for Dignity

Whereas:Native Peoples once lived and thrived on the lands of the greater Bay Area and throughout most of the what is today known as the United States of America.


Whereas:For hundreds of years, until being pushed off their lands by never ending Western expansion, Ohlone-speaking peoples peacefully thrived and enjoyed the fruits of the their labor and harvest on the land now known as the San Francisco Bay Area.


Whereas:Native peoples have suffered generations of indignity, humiliation and degradation culminating in a near total genocide of the once thriving native population.


Whereas:The San Francisco Giants Organization has endeavored to address the historical wrongs directed at Native peoples through the initiation of Native American Heritage Night initiated in 2xxx.


Whereas:On Native American Heritage Night 2014 an incident occurred in which two Native American fans, Kimball Bighorse and April Negrette, were forcibly excluded from the game after challenging a fan for the wearing of a plastic Native American-themed headdress as an insult and culturally insensitive.

Be it resolved that:


One:The San Francisco Giants reaffirm their commitment to honoring, respecting and addressing the historical inequities meted out against Native Peoples through the continuing observance of Native American Heritage Night;

Two:Create and promulgate on the Giants’ official website an explicit policy prohibiting the wearing of offensive cultural symbols such as traditional Native American headdresses which have an ancient tradition of cultural honor associated with it;


Three:Promulgate a written policy that any fan in attendance who engages in the wearing of cultural insensitive attire or the use of culturally degrading language will be asked by Giants’ Security to cease their offensive behavior or be asked to leave the ballpark;


Four:Commit to the establishment of an open All-Tribal Pow Wow to take place at AT&T Park on a yearly basis to be organized in cooperation with the Giants organization and a working committee truly representative of the Bay Area Native American population.


Be it further resolved that the Giants Organization hereby go on record calling on all professional sporting teams to immediately discard any name or symbol in the form of a mascot that is degrading and derisive of the culture and tradition of Native Peoples.

So be it resolved:July 9, 2014


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