I sleep around…and I openly admit it

Voice of Autism Parenting

autism sleep

Yeah, that’s right, I’m the kind of gal that sleeps around. Every single night I jump from one bed to the next, laying down with multiple bed mates. In fact, I admit I am total sleep whore…I’m just severely underpaid. I’ll bet I couldn’t even tabulate the number of bed jumps or games of “musical beds” I play in my house every night…and day for that matter, because there is seldom any difference between the two in my house. Aside from my general psychosis, there is a reasonable explanation for why this happens: their names are Cameron and Harry. Yup, the reason I indulge in this particular “lifestyle” is that there are 2 autistic children living in our house, both on completely different sleep schedules. I start out in one bed, and end up in possibly 3, maybe even 4 different beds before it’s said and done….whether it’s a meltdown…

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