Indian Sisters

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After seeing a photo of my “Indian sisters” a few days back, I began thinking of family and friends and what we go through in our life with them, and in some cases, without them.

 But particularly, I was thinking of Indian sisters, These are girls outside your family, not your blood relatives, but who have become close to you throughout your lives. Some are your cousins, children of your mother’s and father’s siblings. Some are children of your parent’s friends. Some are friends, or friends of friends, who become close to you.

Theda, Irene & Oveta

I have a half-sister, a step-sister (deceased), but have a gazillion Indian sisters. Well, not really a gazillion, but I have a few that I count as sisters. I’ve known them a long time. Some of them, well, we’ve been through thick and thin, good and bad, powwows and 49s, snags and husbands, children and…

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