Urgent Petition to Save Another Ugandan Lesbian About to be deported from United Kingdom

Please read and share! Very important. You could help save a life.


URGENT PETITION – See link below-

By Melanie Nathan, August 19, 2104.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.56.11 AMAn Ugandan lesbian may be deported on Friday, unless we act fast. When Burton Youth for Christ members found out that their trusted interned employee of 10 months was a lesbian, they suddenly turned on her, fearing that she could harm or negatively impact their children.  They would no longer support her quest for asylum and with a mere five pounds in hand dumped her at the airport with an air ticket back home, to persecuting Uganda.  She was essentially left to fend for herself in a system that is not so friendly to LGBT asylees.

The United Kingdom’s home office has an insidious history of fast tracking and subjecting under represented asylees to further persecution through their process.  They also have a history of not understanding the issues and cultural impediments that face prospective asylees, such as…

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