Look who chose to be discriminated against!

Look! look at that ugly tiger. The other tigers have normal stripes and that tiger is all white. They should take that tiger out and leave the beautiful ones that look like all the other tigers….

Said nobody ever.

In nature we are astounded and amazed by the creatures who buck their normal genes and stand out from their fellow species. I mean we are FASCINATED!!!! Why should it be any different with us?

People do not choose to be discriminated against. They don’t wake up one day and say,” I really hope someone bashes me for my …*Insert gender identity, race, religion, political status here*. I really hope people make fun of me and dehumanize me because I am different.”

Remember in life there are things we don’t understand. There is far too much education out there for us to “not know” or to “Not understand” what the issues are.

We Have Many Voices

We sing many songs.

But in the end…

We Are One Voice.


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