Voice for Recovery, and Addiction

Voice of Recovery from Addiction

I humbly apologize for being away for a hot minute. It seems that I got sober and I became responsible and extremely busy…LOL

Living in sobriety can be a tricky thing. For some people, the very beginning of their recovery is the hardest. You have to break through the walls of denial, some go through withdrawals, still other’s have a problem getting out of their own heads in order to move forward. I can only speak for myself when I say for “me” the beginning was fairly easy. After seeing that video tape of my last drunk, there was no more denial I could hide behind. I instantly became ready to do whatever I needed to do in order to achieve sobriety. It didn’t matter if I understood the process at the time, I did it because my sponsor suggested it.

For “me” the journey in recovery / sobriety went…

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pagan/ wiccan holidays

Pagan Voice

Here’s a list of recognized pagan/Wiccan holidays.

  • Samihan- called Halloween today, but is known as the ending of the Celtic year. Behind at sunset October 31. Also called the feast of the dead. It is believed the veil between both worlds is thinned and it is considered this time is the best time for divination.
  • Winte solstice or Yule- around December 21- a time of death and rebirth of the sun god. The days are at its shortest and the sun is at its lowest point. The full moon after Yule its considered the most powerful of the whole year.
  • Imbole- February 1st or the first full moon in Aquarius.
  • Spring equinox or ostara (eostara- Wicca)- around March 21- light and darkness are in balance but light is growing stronger.
  • Beltaine (May day, Lady day)- around May 1st or the first full moon on Taurus. Primarily is a fertility festival…

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Do…. Dont… communication tips

Voice for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

So your worried about interaction between hearing and not quite hearing. If you are hearing impaired the best thing is be upfront…. Dont pretend to hear. you might miss something important.

Ask the best way to interact
Have paper and pencil ready
Write in short simple sentences
Watch facial expressions, eye gaze
Repeat if needed
Be patient in communication
Look directly at the person, keeping your hands away from your face and face toward the deaf person
Be friendly; they merit the same respect as anyone else


Don’t assume communication is occurring correctly (nodding does not always mean they understand or agree)
Don’t pretend to understand if you do not.
Don’t exaggerate your mouth movements.
Don’t yell
Don’t have objects in your mouth or cover your mouth while speaking.
Don’t speak to a deaf person with your back to a light, window, or mirror.
Do not refer to…

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A Culture of Violence (Violence Warning)

Voice of American Women's Rights

I must admit that the preeminent reason that I stay on “the straight and narrow” is the deterrent effect of prison. There have been times when I have considered actions that might be illegal, but the thought of going to prison slowed me right down!

I wish that I could say that I am a non-violent individual, but I cannot. I often think about doing really bad things to people; but I don’t because … well, I don’t want to be incarcerated.

Over the last several weeks there have been many conversations about what is, and is not domestic violence. Some folks reference their families of origin as a rationale for their behavior. This has caused me to think about this thing called “a culture of violence”.

My mother would relate the following story to me as I was growing up: My Great-Aunt Bess was often abused by her husband…

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Rape – It is no laughing matter

New blog up by our Political and Current Events Blogger. Check it out! 😉

Politics and Current Events

A few weeks ago, in anger, I said something that was very raw and insensitive. I used the word rape when I should not have used it. It was used in a crude reference, something that would be used in anger, but that no rational, logical, thoughtfully cerebral person would do.

The truth is that I am human and I let my emotions get the best of me because someone else and a class of people were being taken advantage of. I am not trying to defend, nor offer an excuse – simply trying to help one (me especially) understand.

One in Five college students have reported sexual assault.  Photo credit: One in Five college students have reported sexual assault.
Photo credit:

Rape is no laughing matter. Here we express outrage and change because of a recent increase in the number of rapes done to women on college campuses. According to Department of Justice statistics, one in five college students…

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A, B, C, and D-[pressed] *Trigger Warning*

Voice of Transitioning Male to Female

Actual conversation I had today:

Manager: The bandage on your nose doesn’t look too bad.

Me: Yeah. It just makes me feel like I had plastic surgery!

Manager: Yeah, well I am sure that isn’t the first place you would start huh? *laughter*

Me: Guess not. *silently thinks to myself if he were making a joke about my transsexuality*

Actual conversations I have with myself:

“Are you sure you are a woman? You do look so manly still. Maybe you should stop now and just deal with it.”

“Notice how that man called yous sir? You will never pass as a female.”

“Do you think that God lets people like you into heaven?

“Why the hell would a man ever want to be with you? You don’t dress girly. You don’t look all that feminine. You are too tall. Your feet and hands are too big.  You can see your…

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Holly Lynn Bobo

Victims Voice


On April 13, 2011, our lives changed forever. What happened, “in other places”, “to other people”, happened in our community, to a much loved and treasured member.

Holly was a bright light, to her friends and to her family, described as sweet, and funny, Holly was loved by all who knew her.

Three years has passed since Holly was taken, and on Sunday Sept 7th, 2014 what was left of her earthly body was found.

Holly is finally home, not the way we wanted, not the way we prayed endlessly to happen, but she is finally home.

The time has come for Justice.

No act on earth is as vile as the act that took this beautiful girl from us.


We all grieve for the person she would have aspire to, while those that knew and loved her grieve for the very real presence of this bright and…

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Voice of Lesbian Relationships/Advice

10626460_518904954911750_7576205465926006361_nOverworked and underpaid.  I HAVE to go in to work today, they simply can’t function without me.  I always have to fix their mistakes.  Well, at least I have job security.  Nobody else can do what I do.  I am the go-to girl for everything.  This place would fall apart without me. 

We tend to overstate our importance at work.   Sure, we all like to think that we are irreplaceable.  The truth is that none of us are THAT important.  Success is often the result of a team effort.  Rarely can one person do it all alone.  My first job was as a hotel clerk.   After 2 weeks on the job I was promoted to Asst. Hotel Manager.   It went to my head.  I became a tiny tyrant.  I would micromanage my team, enforce rules with an iron fist, and demand absolute perfection.  Perfection to MY standards.   I began…

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