Zombie Apocalypse pet survival kit (also valid for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and any other general emergency)

Oh so informative and funny. Love it! New blog by our Animal Care blogger…

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Well it’s finally happened. The undead are walking the earth and eating their way through the human population. You and your dog have been trapped in your house for days. The electricity is off, there are no more radio broadcasts coming over the airwaves. Just hordes of shambling zombies, that relentless shuffling noise filling the silence. WERE YOU PREPARED?

OK, so we all know that a Zombie Apocalypse is actually a metaphor for any standard life changing emergency. Preparing for these eventualities is something we have all thought about. Here in Florida having a Hurricane survival kit is almost standard in all houses. One thing we do tend to forget about is our four legged friends. They need some prep too. Having a small kit together during any emergency will make the evacuation much easier for every living thing involved.

Where to start

If you are already emergency conscious you…

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