More Than Just Words (Or, Why It’s Time to Stop Laughing Off Transphobic Slurs)

Aaron has decided to take a break from blogging for now. He will be blogging at his own pace on this same blog “Freshly Brewed T”. We’ll miss this guy



Logo caught a lot of slack recently over a tasteless “female or she-male” game and the use of transphobic slurs on the reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race, and announced they’d be pulling the episode – and the offensive word choice – from the show. It’s caused quite the stir, with the LGBT community split between cries for freedom of speech and the awareness of the psychological harm this language can afflict on trans people, particularly trans youth.

It’s interesting that Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson degraded gays on a mainstream show – one targeted primarily at straight men – in the name of his religion, and was subjected to criticism and resentment, and a huge amount of the LGBT community (rightfully) boycotted the show. But when RuPaul degrades trans people on a mainstream show – one targeted at LGBT young adults – in the name of a cheap laugh, it’s supposed…

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