Our Most Valuable Resource

Voice for Youth Advocacy

Children: Our most valuable resource in the United States. However, we teach them hate (it’s learned people), we hit them, “but don’t hit others” (mixed messages), they are discarded and treated worse than any animal on the street, sexually abused (yet 99% of the time the perpetrator goes free–it wasn’t their first time–or their last–and it was someone they knew & trusted) and we constantly expose them to a world of violence that appears to get crazier by the day…they soak it right up..like a sponge.

A sponge: That’s a great analogy for a child. They soak up EVERYTHING they they’re exposed to, both good and bad.

Their potential is limitless, but yet hampered by uneducated adults.

I believe EVERY child is worthy of love. Every. One.

One out of every four children in our country go to bed hungry every night.
Unacceptable at this day and time.

Our children…

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