The “Secret App” that is wreaking havoc and encouraging bullying.

Voice of Bullying



By Joe Mannetti

So, what is the big secret that everybody wants to know about these days? Well, one of them appears to be the latest social network craze called the Secret. The Secret is a new line of mobile applications that allows friends and friends of friends to share their deepest and darkest thoughts, along with gossip, and criticism under a cloak of near-anonymity. Co-founders David Byttow and Chrys Bader-Wechseler developed this new concept. They claim this more anonymous approach allows users to have more freedom to share information minus the stress of worrying about what they say being linked to a known identity. After all, words that can be traced to an actual person require more discretion and attentiveness to image appropriateness as a rule. This is especially true if one wants to post especially hurtful, potentially damaging, and even outright untruths about…

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