Ray Rice and this NFL stuff

Ray Rice and Domestic Violence!

Domestic Violence Survivors Voice

I must admit, today has been an interesting day for me.  I’ve had a few online conversations about the NFL…mind you I am NOT a football fan, about Michael Vick (I am a pit bull fan!)

A couple of my friends have really thrown me….asking “who’s worse…..Michael Vick or Ray Rice” and some others telling me that I should be more worked up about domestic violence in sports than animal cruelty.

In my survivor mind it is almost one in the same. If you can do that to an animal…you could do that to a human.

The video that was published today was so harsh that I could not watch i. That was me. I wasn’t in an elevator, but in my own bed….but that was me.

Yes, I hope this case brings stricter rules to the NFL and all major sports…but I also hope that the recent press coverage…

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