Voice of Lesbian Relationships/Advice

10626460_518904954911750_7576205465926006361_nOverworked and underpaid.  I HAVE to go in to work today, they simply can’t function without me.  I always have to fix their mistakes.  Well, at least I have job security.  Nobody else can do what I do.  I am the go-to girl for everything.  This place would fall apart without me. 

We tend to overstate our importance at work.   Sure, we all like to think that we are irreplaceable.  The truth is that none of us are THAT important.  Success is often the result of a team effort.  Rarely can one person do it all alone.  My first job was as a hotel clerk.   After 2 weeks on the job I was promoted to Asst. Hotel Manager.   It went to my head.  I became a tiny tyrant.  I would micromanage my team, enforce rules with an iron fist, and demand absolute perfection.  Perfection to MY standards.   I began…

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