A, B, C, and D-[pressed] *Trigger Warning*

Voice of Transitioning Male to Female

Actual conversation I had today:

Manager: The bandage on your nose doesn’t look too bad.

Me: Yeah. It just makes me feel like I had plastic surgery!

Manager: Yeah, well I am sure that isn’t the first place you would start huh? *laughter*

Me: Guess not. *silently thinks to myself if he were making a joke about my transsexuality*

Actual conversations I have with myself:

“Are you sure you are a woman? You do look so manly still. Maybe you should stop now and just deal with it.”

“Notice how that man called yous sir? You will never pass as a female.”

“Do you think that God lets people like you into heaven?

“Why the hell would a man ever want to be with you? You don’t dress girly. You don’t look all that feminine. You are too tall. Your feet and hands are too big.  You can see your…

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