Do…. Dont… communication tips

Voice for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

So your worried about interaction between hearing and not quite hearing. If you are hearing impaired the best thing is be upfront…. Dont pretend to hear. you might miss something important.

Ask the best way to interact
Have paper and pencil ready
Write in short simple sentences
Watch facial expressions, eye gaze
Repeat if needed
Be patient in communication
Look directly at the person, keeping your hands away from your face and face toward the deaf person
Be friendly; they merit the same respect as anyone else


Don’t assume communication is occurring correctly (nodding does not always mean they understand or agree)
Don’t pretend to understand if you do not.
Don’t exaggerate your mouth movements.
Don’t yell
Don’t have objects in your mouth or cover your mouth while speaking.
Don’t speak to a deaf person with your back to a light, window, or mirror.
Do not refer to…

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