pagan/ wiccan holidays

Pagan Voice

Here’s a list of recognized pagan/Wiccan holidays.

  • Samihan- called Halloween today, but is known as the ending of the Celtic year. Behind at sunset October 31. Also called the feast of the dead. It is believed the veil between both worlds is thinned and it is considered this time is the best time for divination.
  • Winte solstice or Yule- around December 21- a time of death and rebirth of the sun god. The days are at its shortest and the sun is at its lowest point. The full moon after Yule its considered the most powerful of the whole year.
  • Imbole- February 1st or the first full moon in Aquarius.
  • Spring equinox or ostara (eostara- Wicca)- around March 21- light and darkness are in balance but light is growing stronger.
  • Beltaine (May day, Lady day)- around May 1st or the first full moon on Taurus. Primarily is a fertility festival…

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