The “Secret App” that is wreaking havoc and encouraging bullying.

Voice of Bullying



By Joe Mannetti

So, what is the big secret that everybody wants to know about these days? Well, one of them appears to be the latest social network craze called the Secret. The Secret is a new line of mobile applications that allows friends and friends of friends to share their deepest and darkest thoughts, along with gossip, and criticism under a cloak of near-anonymity. Co-founders David Byttow and Chrys Bader-Wechseler developed this new concept. They claim this more anonymous approach allows users to have more freedom to share information minus the stress of worrying about what they say being linked to a known identity. After all, words that can be traced to an actual person require more discretion and attentiveness to image appropriateness as a rule. This is especially true if one wants to post especially hurtful, potentially damaging, and even outright untruths about…

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Ray Rice and this NFL stuff

Ray Rice and Domestic Violence!

Domestic Violence Survivors Voice

I must admit, today has been an interesting day for me.  I’ve had a few online conversations about the NFL…mind you I am NOT a football fan, about Michael Vick (I am a pit bull fan!)

A couple of my friends have really thrown me….asking “who’s worse…..Michael Vick or Ray Rice” and some others telling me that I should be more worked up about domestic violence in sports than animal cruelty.

In my survivor mind it is almost one in the same. If you can do that to an animal…you could do that to a human.

The video that was published today was so harsh that I could not watch i. That was me. I wasn’t in an elevator, but in my own bed….but that was me.

Yes, I hope this case brings stricter rules to the NFL and all major sports…but I also hope that the recent press coverage…

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Voice for Recovery, and Addiction


Voice of Recovery from Addiction




[hyoo-mil-i-teeor, often,yoo-]SpellSyllablesnoun

  1. The quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc….

This was something I never knew anything about and wanted no part of.  I always that humility and humiliation were one of the same. I wanted to always be the center of attention, I wanted people to look upon me with a sense of importance and envy.  I wanted them to see  a very different “me” than I saw in the mirrior.  As a result, by my own admittance, I became the BIGGEST egotistical, self centered, self  absorbed individual to walk this earth.  Of course, deep down, I felt the total opposite. I had no sense of who I was, I was extremely self loathing and had absolutely no sense of self worth. As long as the outside world didn’t see that, I felt…

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Our Most Valuable Resource

Voice for Youth Advocacy

Children: Our most valuable resource in the United States. However, we teach them hate (it’s learned people), we hit them, “but don’t hit others” (mixed messages), they are discarded and treated worse than any animal on the street, sexually abused (yet 99% of the time the perpetrator goes free–it wasn’t their first time–or their last–and it was someone they knew & trusted) and we constantly expose them to a world of violence that appears to get crazier by the day…they soak it right a sponge.

A sponge: That’s a great analogy for a child. They soak up EVERYTHING they they’re exposed to, both good and bad.

Their potential is limitless, but yet hampered by uneducated adults.

I believe EVERY child is worthy of love. Every. One.

One out of every four children in our country go to bed hungry every night.
Unacceptable at this day and time.

Our children…

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More Than Just Words (Or, Why It’s Time to Stop Laughing Off Transphobic Slurs)

Aaron has decided to take a break from blogging for now. He will be blogging at his own pace on this same blog “Freshly Brewed T”. We’ll miss this guy



Logo caught a lot of slack recently over a tasteless “female or she-male” game and the use of transphobic slurs on the reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race, and announced they’d be pulling the episode – and the offensive word choice – from the show. It’s caused quite the stir, with the LGBT community split between cries for freedom of speech and the awareness of the psychological harm this language can afflict on trans people, particularly trans youth.

It’s interesting that Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson degraded gays on a mainstream show – one targeted primarily at straight men – in the name of his religion, and was subjected to criticism and resentment, and a huge amount of the LGBT community (rightfully) boycotted the show. But when RuPaul degrades trans people on a mainstream show – one targeted at LGBT young adults – in the name of a cheap laugh, it’s supposed…

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Zombie Apocalypse pet survival kit (also valid for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and any other general emergency)

Oh so informative and funny. Love it! New blog by our Animal Care blogger…

Animal Care/ Fashion/ Grooming/

Well it’s finally happened. The undead are walking the earth and eating their way through the human population. You and your dog have been trapped in your house for days. The electricity is off, there are no more radio broadcasts coming over the airwaves. Just hordes of shambling zombies, that relentless shuffling noise filling the silence. WERE YOU PREPARED?

OK, so we all know that a Zombie Apocalypse is actually a metaphor for any standard life changing emergency. Preparing for these eventualities is something we have all thought about. Here in Florida having a Hurricane survival kit is almost standard in all houses. One thing we do tend to forget about is our four legged friends. They need some prep too. Having a small kit together during any emergency will make the evacuation much easier for every living thing involved.

Where to start

If you are already emergency conscious you…

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