Pancakes & Rice ~ Aunt Jemima & Uncle Ben

Voice of the African American Female

We grew up with these brands, we never thought anything of them other than Uncle Ben meant rice & Aunt Jemima was an insult in addition to a pancake brand.  Today, Quaker Oats is in the news because the family of one of the women depicted on the pancake brand is demanding to be paid for her being jilted out of the money the company has earned by using her likeness.

Quaker Oats is saying that they can’t find the contracts that were negotiated for the use of her likeness therefore in their minds, they don’t exist so the family is not entitled to any payment.  Ok, why did this catch my attention?  First because of the irony, QUAKER oats….Quaker.  What? You don’t get it?  Alright, here it is, first of all Quakers were the first vanilla folks to condemn slavery so I find it quite ironic that a company…

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Why I Stay

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed


Submitted by ~ Anonymous~

I dream of the day when the chains are released
When I’ll say with pride, “I’m free from the beast.”
The mind games are over, no longer ignored.
With my head held high, I’ll walk toward the door.

I want it; I need it. I see it so clearly.
But then he strikes again, and it’s suddenly bleary.
He twists and turns things- am I losing my mind?
Did I imagine that slight? Am I stupid or blind?

I am filled with self-loathing, fear and doubt.
I want a better life; I want to get out.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been on my own.
And as hard as this is, it’s all I’ve known.

You get angry with me; you think it’s so easy.
“Just leave him already!” you say feeling queasy.
And “I wouldn’t take that,” you quietly think.
But it shows…

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She just quietly called him….Dad.

Profound words from a Survivor of Incest.

Survivor of Incest

Little girl, only girl surrounded by men. In a world of confusion a war she can’t win. Each night brought her terror as the touches began. Words and whispers she couldn’t begin to comprehend. Years would pass as she learned to hide. Her fears, her shame, seething deep inside. What angered her the most as the years saw her grow. …. The silent acceptance of family and knowing that they know. The stares of her step mom, the shame she still carries …..all rock this woman to sleep at night. Memories she can’t bury. Each day as she awakened, hiding bruises and her pain. Vowing to run where he can’t find her, even maybe changing her name. But you see that never happened, her revenge would have to wait. Others would continue to hurt her, he had constructed an incestuous gate. She bowed but never fell, she was too young…

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