Pancakes & Rice ~ Aunt Jemima & Uncle Ben

Voice of the African American Female

We grew up with these brands, we never thought anything of them other than Uncle Ben meant rice & Aunt Jemima was an insult in addition to a pancake brand.  Today, Quaker Oats is in the news because the family of one of the women depicted on the pancake brand is demanding to be paid for her being jilted out of the money the company has earned by using her likeness.

Quaker Oats is saying that they can’t find the contracts that were negotiated for the use of her likeness therefore in their minds, they don’t exist so the family is not entitled to any payment.  Ok, why did this catch my attention?  First because of the irony, QUAKER oats….Quaker.  What? You don’t get it?  Alright, here it is, first of all Quakers were the first vanilla folks to condemn slavery so I find it quite ironic that a company…

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