It won’t end here: Anti-pipeline protesters vow to remain on Burnaby Mountain as long as Kinder Morgan is there

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First Nations to ‘resist’ complying with financial transparency act

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Magnifier over Figures84 First Nations have yet to comply with the transparency act on eve of final deadline

By Susana Mas, CBC News, Nov 25, 2014

Three Western Treaty First Nations say they will “resist” the federal government’s order to comply with the financial transparency act by tomorrow or risk losing federal funding.

The government tells CBC News that 84 First Nations bands have until Wednesday to post their audited financial statements for the last fiscal year, including the salaries and expenses of their chiefs and councillors. The grand majority — 498 out of 582 First Nations bands — have complied.

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Why Ferguson Is Helping Me Leave The Country


Voice of the African American Female

Another straw on the back of the camel.  Another not guilty verdict that was predictable.  No, I couldn’t tell you not one detail in this case, why?  Because the day this kid was shot, I was in South America and I basically said there would be no guilty verdict in this case.  Why bother watching it, why bother learning the details when you know the outcome before the charges are even brought?

Somehow or another the shooting of a young black man for any reason seems to still manage to become justifiable, debatable and in order to get justice as in the case of Jordan Davis, there had to be a second trial.  The fella that killed him,, shot into a parked car filled with teenagers because their music was too loud and the jury hung on a murder charge?  Well, he was standing his ground therefore a decision was…

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Thanksgiving point of view from a Cheyenne and Pawnee woman.

Voice of Native Women

Thanksgiving is “trending” right now among American Indian people. (Remember, I personally don’t like to use Native American. That just means that anyone born in the United States, in America, can be called a Native American.)

So, here is my take on Thanksgiving:

My family and I celebrate Thanksgiving, not so much in the way that the “pilgrims” may have done with the Indians way back in 1621. We give pause, and acknowledge all of the blessings that we received in the past year. We think of family and friends; of the homeless; of those away from family in hospitals, elders in nursing homes, those incarcerated, the soldier men and women overseas, around the world, standing watch and guarding our freedom. We think of those in mourning, whose family have gone ahead of them. We also think of those in school, no matter what age. And, finally, we pray…

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Just finished my training to become a Domestic Violence voluteer and I am a litte disturbed….

Wow. She ceases to amaze me!

Domestic Violence Survivors Voice

Before I begin this pretty intense bloggity blog…I didn’t write it for a “Oh, poor you!” or looking for encouragement. I wrote this to hopefully help other women who might be going through this. You’ll see why at the end.

I just finished a 40 hour intense training to become a Domestic Violence first responder/advocate/volunteer. We touched on all subjects, but today was hard for me.

This mornings first part of the class was about anxiety. Which was interesting, because I have been majorly anxious for a few days now. Not exactly sure why, because things are turning around…maybe I’m scared of the impending changes.

The first exercise we did was a self-examination of anxiety. Most people who take this test find a few of the items to ring true with them. No, not me. I had to go big or go home, right? Ok….here’s what it was:

Have you…

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Is Bill Cosby’s Career Over?

Well said Kellie. Well said.

Voice of the African American Female

I saw this headline this morning & it inspired me to write about this topic.  When the comedian who seems to have put this topic back in the limelight (yes, apparently these are not new allegations) made his joke, I thought what a shame that he would say something so ugly.  When this story first broke, I posted on my facebook page asking what people thought of it.  The responses I got were team Cosby saying this comedian was trying to make his career on the back of Mr. Cosby.  When I posted it, I’d done just as Mr. Burris had suggested and I’d already Googled Bill Cosby rape and sure as shit, there the information was hiding in plain sight.

Here was the thought I had as I read the headline asking if his career was over.  The first allegation of wrong doing happened in 2004 but women who…

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A Young Lady Asks Me A Question

New Native Women’s blog.

Voice of Native Women

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been away and been crazy busy. I have another blog to post shortly:

So there I was. Sitting at a powwow in St. Petersburg, Florida, and a young lady asks me a question. The Seminole Tribe had been holding a series of powwows at various cities around the state. Some were held in Hollywood, another at Jacksonville, and this one at St. Petersburg. This was in the mid-90’s, at sort of a “peak” in interest in powwow among the Seminoles.

We moved to Florida (FL) because of work. My husband had been approached by representatives of an organization that owned themed dinner theaters, and also Universal Studios and the Hard Rock Cafes. We were at a powwow in Shawnee, OK and these reps were looking for a performance group to go down to FL for a year to perform at Fort Liberty – Wild Bill’s…

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Pipeline Fighter/Wica Agli Co-founder Pulled Out of Senate Chambers, Arrested

Powerful Message.

Lakota Voice

November 18, 2014

by Ann-erika White Bird

SICANGU LAKOTA OYATE — Greg Grey Cloud made the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Nation’s proud when he belted out the unci makawiwayangwacipi song in Senate Chambers today. Grey Cloud is an enrolled member of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, co-founder of Wica Agli and an oka wicasa.

Grey Cloud explains the translated song as, “Grandfather look at me, I am standing here struggling, I am defending grandmother earth and I am chasing peace.” He goes on to say that the song was  “not just from me, but my brothers in Wica Agli. We’re defending our women and children in our community. The song itself was very influential for why I sang that here.”

From CNN’s video in Senate chambers, Grey Cloud could be heard after the vote failed on the bill that would authorize construction of the KXL pipeline. The bill…

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