Is Bill Cosby’s Career Over?

Well said Kellie. Well said.

Voice of the African American Female

I saw this headline this morning & it inspired me to write about this topic.  When the comedian who seems to have put this topic back in the limelight (yes, apparently these are not new allegations) made his joke, I thought what a shame that he would say something so ugly.  When this story first broke, I posted on my facebook page asking what people thought of it.  The responses I got were team Cosby saying this comedian was trying to make his career on the back of Mr. Cosby.  When I posted it, I’d done just as Mr. Burris had suggested and I’d already Googled Bill Cosby rape and sure as shit, there the information was hiding in plain sight.

Here was the thought I had as I read the headline asking if his career was over.  The first allegation of wrong doing happened in 2004 but women who…

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