Just finished my training to become a Domestic Violence voluteer and I am a litte disturbed….

Wow. She ceases to amaze me!

Domestic Violence Survivors Voice

Before I begin this pretty intense bloggity blog…I didn’t write it for a “Oh, poor you!” or looking for encouragement. I wrote this to hopefully help other women who might be going through this. You’ll see why at the end.

I just finished a 40 hour intense training to become a Domestic Violence first responder/advocate/volunteer. We touched on all subjects, but today was hard for me.

This mornings first part of the class was about anxiety. Which was interesting, because I have been majorly anxious for a few days now. Not exactly sure why, because things are turning around…maybe I’m scared of the impending changes.

The first exercise we did was a self-examination of anxiety. Most people who take this test find a few of the items to ring true with them. No, not me. I had to go big or go home, right? Ok….here’s what it was:

Have you…

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