Thanksgiving point of view from a Cheyenne and Pawnee woman.

Voice of Native Women

Thanksgiving is “trending” right now among American Indian people. (Remember, I personally don’t like to use Native American. That just means that anyone born in the United States, in America, can be called a Native American.)

So, here is my take on Thanksgiving:

My family and I celebrate Thanksgiving, not so much in the way that the “pilgrims” may have done with the Indians way back in 1621. We give pause, and acknowledge all of the blessings that we received in the past year. We think of family and friends; of the homeless; of those away from family in hospitals, elders in nursing homes, those incarcerated, the soldier men and women overseas, around the world, standing watch and guarding our freedom. We think of those in mourning, whose family have gone ahead of them. We also think of those in school, no matter what age. And, finally, we pray…

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