Why Ferguson Is Helping Me Leave The Country


Voice of the African American Female

Another straw on the back of the camel.  Another not guilty verdict that was predictable.  No, I couldn’t tell you not one detail in this case, why?  Because the day this kid was shot, I was in South America and I basically said there would be no guilty verdict in this case.  Why bother watching it, why bother learning the details when you know the outcome before the charges are even brought?

Somehow or another the shooting of a young black man for any reason seems to still manage to become justifiable, debatable and in order to get justice as in the case of Jordan Davis, there had to be a second trial.  The fella that killed him,, shot into a parked car filled with teenagers because their music was too loud and the jury hung on a murder charge?  Well, he was standing his ground therefore a decision was…

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