Recap of Another Sober Year…

Recap of Another Sober Year!

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Before I can recap on 2014, I feel it’s important that you get an idea of what the prior years were like in my recovery. The first few years of sobriety is different for everyone. The one thing I think is safe to say is it’s all one big emotional roller coaster. In my own sobriety, it’s gone as follows so far;

1st Year; It was as if I’d been seeing things in black and white my whole life and suddenly my blinders were taken off and BAM! I’m seeing shit in T echo-color! I was like a new baby seeing the whole world for the first time and it was all so amazing. I was also an emotional wreck because I’d been holding my emotions in for twenty-eight years so I would cry at the drop of a hat. Drove me bat shit crazy it did. I dealt…

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Holiday Loss

Voice for Recovery, and Addiction


One of the first things I teach the people I sponsor is to start a journal because it’s been my experience that writing is very therapeutic especially when dealing with feelings. The tools that I teach them, are the tools that I was given in my own recovery. It is for that reason that this blog is being written more for me than anything else & it hurts my heart to have to even write it at all. I need to get out of my own head so I’m writing so I ask that you please bare with me.

I’ve gone through several traumatizing events in my sobriety and made it through still sober. That includes the death of people who were close to me. I have learned that this whole “feeling” thing although inconvenient at times, is necessary and acceptance is always the key. I also know that when…

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