She’s Pretty Scary

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Voice of the African American Female

Last night I went to an event & I had a wonderful time.  It was an educational business event but there was mingling before & after.  Somehow afterward standing around talking to a group of people the subject of dating came up.  I can’t remember how but a couple of the men said to me that I was intimidating.  I’ve blogged on this before and not much has changed in my dating life, I’m still intimidating (translation = single). Either way, the men that seem to get brave enough these days to ask me out are brave behind a keyboard.  Sorry fellas, I’m an old fashioned girl & you sending me inbox messages on facebook will not get you a date with me I don’t care how nice you sound.  You are already relegated to the friend zone if we do ever meet in person.  Is that intimidating? To say…

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