Play the tape all the way through…

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Voice for Recovery, and Addiction


Alcoholics and Addicts in recovery are told to “Play the tape all the way through” when they are thinking about drinking or using. What does that mean? Well, it’s really quite simple. When we start to think about it, we have a tendency to romanticize it. We think about how good the burn of the booze will feel going down our throats, we think about the rush of the drug when it hits our blood stream. We savor the taste in our mouths and we long for the affect of it all. In other words, we think about the immediate effects. We can only stay in the moment.

What we don’t think about, is the consequences that will come afterward. We don’t think about the consequences, the hangovers, the pain we’d cause others, the disappointment, the shame, the sickness of the withdrawals. We don’t think about the consequences at all…

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