Protecting a resource – our elders

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Voice of Native Women


Historically, Indian people have always looked after their elders, have revered their wisdom and experience. Elders guided tribes across the plains and prairies of this country. Elders have had input into whether a tribe went to war, or engaged in peace negotiations with other tribes, and with the European visitors. The elders, with their wisdom of the years, kept many tribes going with the knowledge they had of their tribes, cultures, lifeways and worldviews.

The Cheyenne people had a council of 44, and had peace chiefs. These men made decisions for the tribe, which were carried out by the military societies. They also made the decisions when the tribe moved from one place to another. The Pawnee had a council of eight men representing the four bands, two from each band, which also had a similar mission, to care for the health of the tribe, health as in land for…

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