A Little Known Aspect of American Indian Life

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Voice of Native Women


PHOTO: Pawnee Nasharo Council (Chiefs Council). Photographer/Date unknown. Author’s grandfather, back row, far left.

March 12, 2015

Most people know about American Indian tribes through books, movies and plays. Children learned about Indian tribes, mainly in the month of November, right before Thanksgiving, saving the pilgrims who came across the ocean in search of religious freedom. Some people know about Indian tribes through their travels across the country, stopping in or near towns and reservations where Indians live, at tourist spots that offer one a chance to take a photo with an Indian, of Indians dancing, next to wooden tipis, or of the scenery. They buy trinkets, such as pottery or jewelry, drums and Indian dolls in buckskin clothes (oftentimes made in China) from Indian vendors and trading posts. Stereotypical images of Indians may come to mind of an Indian on a horse, bent over the horse, in defeated posturing…

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