Russian Roulette

Voice for Recovery, and Addiction

Voice of Recovery from Addiction

There’s this HUGE misconception that if you’re an addict, you can drink, and if you’re an alcoholic, you can smoke a blunt, take a pill, do a line or whatever. You’d be surprised how many times I hear, “My problem is pills, not alcohol so I can go out and have a few with my friends…..” Lookie here, let me break it down for you and give you some an extreme realness…..

If you’re an addict, you are an alcoholic in training and vice versa. This misconception can be deadly to your health. Here is what happens…..

When you suffer from any kind of addiction and you do ANY KIND of MOOD ALTERING SUBSTANCE, yes, it’ll give you a buz, but it won’t be the buz you’re really looking for. Sooner or later you will go back to your drug of choice. Or you’ll be entering the wonderfully painful…

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