What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!?

The Woman's Voice of Grief and Loss

So last week my daughter went to see this band perform. Nothing unusual about that…. she love music. This band’s singer was previously in another band that she and her boyfriend knew personally and saw perform often. She became friends with the band members and followed them on Facebook, twitter..etc.  So the singer of the of this original band joined a new group. They went to this new band’s show last Friday night to support her (the lead singer). On Monday morning this happened…



To say my daughter felt devastated would be an understatment. She had even just changed her FB profile pic to one of her and the lead singer Lariyah Hayes. She had just met some of these people and less than 72 hours  later this tragic accident happened and three of these people are dead. I had no idea how to help her with the…

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