You wanna know why I’m mad?

Married While Black

I’m mad because in my belly I’m growing a son who will be seen as a black man and every day I hear how savage, criminal, and scary black men are seen to be in this society.

I’m mad because some people would rather discuss rioting and not how a black life is taken by the police every 28 hours.

I’m mad because #alllivesmatter exists. ALL lives (except those of people of color) have ALWAYS mattered. The conversation is about black lives right now – go have a damn seat if you aren’t equipped to have THAT discussion.

I’m mad because the national media outlets are too corrupt to actually report news and would rather sensationalize instead of provide accurate information.

I’m mad because it seems like most people don’t know how to diversify or question their media outlets.

I’m mad because everyone with a damn computer and a Facebook…

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