I Cried Today

Voice of Survival of Traumatic Events

h1.7I have been very upbeat and positive in my blogs lately, but I am human. I have good days; I have great days, and I have days where I let my environment and surroundings take control. I know better than this. I can choose to be happy. I can choose my emotions, but sometimes a look or words, from someone who doesn’t even matter in my life or in your life… well, it can affect us.

I cried today.

I cried because I allowed a man’s words in a grocery store to hurt me. I allowed his callous and unkind behavior to affect my mood, my day, and my outlook on myself.

How? Why? Why would any of this matter?

Let me explain what happened.  I went to the gym. I was wearing a brown Flynnville Train T-shirt.  ( A band t-shirt) and a pair of black kind of baggy…

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