Deadly Consequences

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I blog about living with alcoholism and addiction, but you don’t have to be an alcoholic to be effected by alcohol or drugs to be horribly affected. Exactly one year ago today that fact hit me like a bolt of lightning in a rain storm and I lost a part of my heart. A year ago today (July 3, 2014) Margarita Santiago and two of her cousins lost their young lives in a horrific car accident. Margarita was 32 years old leaving behind her twin sister, her mother and a 15 year old son. She was like a daughter to me.


AJTruck Pieces

The driver of the vehicle was under the influence and lost control of the truck. The truck hit a guard rail, became airborne, hit the ground and slid 152 feet before hitting a tree. Everyone in the car lost their lives. The picture above is from the actual accident.

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