So there’s this racism thing people are discussing…

An older blog but relevant

Founders Voice

Yes, the title was snarky. Far be it from me to be too serious about anything. I think people appreciate a little sarcasm-dipped humor from time to time. My favorite response to offensive material, when pointed out by a POC is…”Well I’m not racist.” In most cases, that is probably the case.

Now before you blow a gasket stop and think about this. People of color are constantly exposed to racist lined comments and materials. Constantly. It’s the whole colonial mindset thing, that POC, including Native Americans, are forced to endure. From appropriations of symbols for particular tribes, to the nasty mascot issues, to fake shaman and tribes started by someone who may or may not have had a great-great-great-great Grandmother who was Cherokee.

What started me thinking about this whole topic is this…

The man who painted this picture of the children claims it was done in complete…

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