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Voice of Transitioning Male to Female

Actual conversation I had today:

Manager: The bandage on your nose doesn’t look too bad.

Me: Yeah. It just makes me feel like I had plastic surgery!

Manager: Yeah, well I am sure that isn’t the first place you would start huh? *laughter*

Me: Guess not. *silently thinks to myself if he were making a joke about my transsexuality*

Actual conversations I have with myself:

“Are you sure you are a woman? You do look so manly still. Maybe you should stop now and just deal with it.”

“Notice how that man called yous sir? You will never pass as a female.”

“Do you think that God lets people like you into heaven?

“Why the hell would a man ever want to be with you? You don’t dress girly. You don’t look all that feminine. You are too tall. Your feet and hands are too big.  You can see your…

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Holly Lynn Bobo

Victims Voice


On April 13, 2011, our lives changed forever. What happened, “in other places”, “to other people”, happened in our community, to a much loved and treasured member.

Holly was a bright light, to her friends and to her family, described as sweet, and funny, Holly was loved by all who knew her.

Three years has passed since Holly was taken, and on Sunday Sept 7th, 2014 what was left of her earthly body was found.

Holly is finally home, not the way we wanted, not the way we prayed endlessly to happen, but she is finally home.

The time has come for Justice.

No act on earth is as vile as the act that took this beautiful girl from us.


We all grieve for the person she would have aspire to, while those that knew and loved her grieve for the very real presence of this bright and…

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Voice of Lesbian Relationships/Advice

10626460_518904954911750_7576205465926006361_nOverworked and underpaid.  I HAVE to go in to work today, they simply can’t function without me.  I always have to fix their mistakes.  Well, at least I have job security.  Nobody else can do what I do.  I am the go-to girl for everything.  This place would fall apart without me. 

We tend to overstate our importance at work.   Sure, we all like to think that we are irreplaceable.  The truth is that none of us are THAT important.  Success is often the result of a team effort.  Rarely can one person do it all alone.  My first job was as a hotel clerk.   After 2 weeks on the job I was promoted to Asst. Hotel Manager.   It went to my head.  I became a tiny tyrant.  I would micromanage my team, enforce rules with an iron fist, and demand absolute perfection.  Perfection to MY standards.   I began…

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Voice for Recovery, and Addiction


Voice of Recovery from Addiction




[hyoo-mil-i-teeor, often,yoo-]SpellSyllablesnoun

  1. The quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc….

This was something I never knew anything about and wanted no part of.  I always that humility and humiliation were one of the same. I wanted to always be the center of attention, I wanted people to look upon me with a sense of importance and envy.  I wanted them to see  a very different “me” than I saw in the mirrior.  As a result, by my own admittance, I became the BIGGEST egotistical, self centered, self  absorbed individual to walk this earth.  Of course, deep down, I felt the total opposite. I had no sense of who I was, I was extremely self loathing and had absolutely no sense of self worth. As long as the outside world didn’t see that, I felt…

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Our Most Valuable Resource

Voice for Youth Advocacy

Children: Our most valuable resource in the United States. However, we teach them hate (it’s learned people), we hit them, “but don’t hit others” (mixed messages), they are discarded and treated worse than any animal on the street, sexually abused (yet 99% of the time the perpetrator goes free–it wasn’t their first time–or their last–and it was someone they knew & trusted) and we constantly expose them to a world of violence that appears to get crazier by the day…they soak it right up..like a sponge.

A sponge: That’s a great analogy for a child. They soak up EVERYTHING they they’re exposed to, both good and bad.

Their potential is limitless, but yet hampered by uneducated adults.

I believe EVERY child is worthy of love. Every. One.

One out of every four children in our country go to bed hungry every night.
Unacceptable at this day and time.

Our children…

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To Go or Not to Go: A Weekend trip to Ferguson…

Jaytoe's Americanah

Temperature hit the 80s on that Saturday afternoon on August 9th when the 18-year old Michael Brown, an African-American, was shot dead by a white police officer.  All the facts regarding this incident has yet to emerge to determine culpability, but it is clear that the increasing high 90 degree temperatures this week and last, together with the heated passion of Ferguson residents suggest that coolness and comfort will not come soon.  To start, Ferguson is a town of approximately 21,000 people with about thirty percent whites and almost seventy percent blacks; however, similar to the apartheid conditions in old South Africa or even that of the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, a small minority controls and governs the majority people as the mayor and five out of the six council seat members are white, an inadequate racial representation of the community it serves. Looking at other numbers like the…

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Ferguson: Ten Bloggers Speak Out

The WordPress.com Blog

Many details about the violent death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, remain unclear. What is beyond doubt is the intensity of reactions to this story — in the media and in neighborhoods all over the US (and beyond). Here are ten personal perspectives on this event and its aftermath, from writers representing a diverse cross-section of the WordPress.com community.

14938226361_6a7a43dfda_oImage by Shawn Semmler (CC BY 2.0)


Writer and scholar Keguro Macharia reacts with his usual incisiveness to one of the signature chants of post-Ferguson protests :

If “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” is an expression of “humanity,” as one tweet has it, we must ask for whom that humanity is available. In fact, the insistent repetition of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” by black bodies across the U.S. might offer a less promising narrative: it might suggest the banality with which black life forms can never gain access to the vernaculars of the human.

hands up, don’t shoot

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Denial & Excuses go hand in hand

Voice for Recovery, and Addiction

Voice of Recovery from Addiction

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

I can’t be addicted to alcohol, they wouldn’t sell it in the stores if it was addictive

I don’t drink every day so I can’t be an alcoholic

I don’t drink as soon as I get up in the morning or get the shakes when I don’t have it.

I still have my job, my home, my kids and my spouse so I’m not hurting anyone.

I only drink at the clubs, I never drink at home alone

You’re just exaggerating, I wasn’t THAT bad last night

Oh, I just had a little more than normal and that’s why I blacked out, it doesn’t happen often

I was stressed out and needed a drink and it just got out of hand

The cop was just an ass hole & arrested me for nothing, I only had a few drinks & wasn’t drunk.

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Why I do What I do

Voice for Recovery, and Addiction

Voice of Recovery from Addiction

Why I do what I do…..

I wake up every morning and thank God that I’m alive and sober….seriously, I REALLY do. At some point every day, I sit in front of my computer, hands on the keyboard and wonder how I can make it clear to people how very dangerous this disease is. I see sooooo many “youngins” these days who are living dangerously with the alcohol and the drugs.  I see with my own eyes, what other’s saw in me during my addiction. I see them walking down that path and I just want to shake the hell out of them!  I know full well that I can’t, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

Not everyone who drinks and parties heavy IS an alcoholic, but they “could” be in time.  Unless you know the signs. Ya know, when you live in a fog for decades…

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