Gay Male Voice

Gay Male Voice


Jack Goodwyn
Jack was born and raised right here in the Sunshine State. Jack has always enjoyed entertaining others. As a young boy Jack began singing in the Country Gospel arena. He traveled to many states during his childhood and thru college. Jack is the proud father of two teenagers who also live here in Florida.
In 1998 Jack moved over to St. Petersburg for more opportunities. Jack has been working in the medical field for over 10 years. He is very active in the medical community and enjoys helping others.
Jack is very passionate about equal rights for all. Jack enjoys being an activist and ambassador in our community working with different charities, fundraising events and political forums. In his spare time he enjoys singing, boating, hanging out at the beach and other outdoor activities.
In 2012 Jack joined GSHradio on the “Fruit Fly” show as a co-host in which the topics always vary and are informative. Later in the year he took another step and joined “The Cast of Reality Check” discussing all the latest celebrity news, televisions shows, movies, music and reality topics. 

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