Voice of Microbiology

Meaning Admist Measurement

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 I wanted to be a firefighter when I grew up.  However, I have the proud physique of a microbiologist, so that is what I became instead.  Micro-organisms really are amazing (especially the ones that live on deep-sea volcanoes, which I study), and teaching micro classes is a blast.  Life as a researcher/teacher can be stressful, so I balance it out with a somewhat ridiculous home life (I bagpipe, hike, and bicycle all over the place; I cook meals for my loved ones; I play with a whoopie cushion).


This blog will focus both on the science and teaching that I do, and the ‘human’ side of these endeavors–e.g., why is any of this meaningful?  How does a scientist decompress when a paper is rejected, an experiment fails?  How can I be the best mentor for my students? 

How can I explain to a friend that his/her kids won’t get autism from being vaccinated without sounding like a condescending @sshole?  How do I not take it personally when family members reject evolutionary theory or climate change evidence when they know I study both?  How do I regain professorial cred after one of my students catches me screaming Blondie tunes in my car after a rough day?


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