Voice of Trust Issues

Voice of Trust Issues


Here is a little bio of me. I’m a military brat. Sent my entire life moving. When I was a small girl I had a family friend who try to make sexual advances at me when I was around 7. It seemed after that I grew up a very sexual person. my very first boyfriend was at the age of 10 . He was 4 years older than me. I dated him for 4 years and was sexually active with him the entire time. I still seem to be very confused about who I was in life. I then had my first husband when I was 18 ,had my son within the year  anoloed .Had my second marriage by the age of 20 and daughter win 1 yr . Throughout the process of my 14 year marriage I adopted 4 additional children. but still did not seem to be happy with myself. I then started talking to my ex husbands boss whom I had  known for almost 10 years and began to realize that it was because I was attracted to women that I was never happy in my life. Yes his boss was a woman and I had finally come out at 34 that I was gay. I probably started drinking when I was about 10 and started using pot and pills when I was around 21 that lasted throughout my entire life. I have been sober n clean for a solid year now but not the first rodeo w sobriety.
I am a 40 year old Lesbian w issues of addiction and battling recovery.  I am Kissey……

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